Cover Art for R.M.F.C. Hive Vol. 2

Rock Music Fan Club Announces 2019 Cassette

Australian cassette label Warttmann Inc. has announced that R.M.F.C. (Rock Music Fan Club) will be releasing their sophomore cassette, Hive Vol. 2, on March 1st. This will follow their 2018 release, Hive, which was showcased by Slime Street Records.

The Gold Coast band has riffage and substance of a laidback Coneheads or Liquids and sit well amongst my collection of other acronym bands, like D.L.I.M.C. The television-obsessed group sit perfectly alongside label mates such as Devo-worship bands Research Reactor Corp., Drunk Mums, and Set-Top Box.

R.M.F.C is the feeling of hitting top speed without feeling like you’re reaching a limit. The bass settles you into your bucket seat. The drums blare you into gear as you climb towards the edge. The coo of the vocals prepare you for what’s ahead. The guitar, at times, can give you the impression that you’re on the Australian Autobahn. It’s all melancholy and musingly apathetic. While we haven’t gotten a teaser for their upcoming release, 2018’s Hive is the chill music you blast while barrelling down a lonesome highway.

In the mean time, I’ll keep my ears perched for March 1st and so should you. Prepare yourself by listening to their 2018 release as well as other other Warttmann Inc. jams.

Flier Announcing R.M.F.C. Hive Vol. 2 Release on March 1st

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