Burgermania 8 2019

As if March isn’t already stacked enough – with Static Shock Weekend VI just around the corner –  Burger Records annual Austin Fest, Burgermania, is rollin’ in hot on March 16th and 17th. This is slated to ne the 8th ‘mania for the rocknroll label.

This is the mecca of rocknroll and everything alternative in between. The weirdos and the rockers and the synth punks combined. Burger Records is known for their showcase of talent each year at SXSW and this roster of names is no different. From Surfbort and Boofin Tylenol (who finally have an internet presence) to Damak and The Rifle (which are the first band I’ve ever seen perform on a TEDx Talk), it’s tempting to head down towards Austin mid March, don’t you think?

Check below to see the full line up (including links to all music) for Burgermania 8 and watch the YouTube playlist to see the bands.

Burgermania 8.jpg
Burgermania 8 Poster

Burgermania 8 Line Up


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