Extended Hell Announce European Tour

New York’s Extended Hell announced this week that they will be embarking on a European tour. The hardcore outfit will be leaving the states in June and will begin their journey in London, work their way through Sweden, staying in Denmark for the K-Town Festival, and then weaving through other countries such as Poland, Austria, Croatia, Switzerland, Spain, France, and Ireland.

The Brooklyn band released a 3-song tape in February. With just 4 minutes and 25 seconds to grab you, the cassette does just that. It’s everything that you’d expect from Extended Hell: fast, furious, and loud. They might not claim the Bandcamp tag of “d-beat” or “noise”, but they definitely fit under those definitions. The drums are tribal and the guitar is disorienting. These quick three songs wouldn’t disappoint someone looking to understand what their live performance is like. It equally delivers for regular listeners of the band, as well. It’s hard to be let down by a band with such a straight forward schtick. All-in-all this is the 4th release – if you count tour tapes as “releases” –  for the European bound group. In addition the upcoming tour Extended Hell announced an LP with Media Disease in the works for a summer release, just in time to jet across the pond.

As a send off gig on June 1st at The Windjammer, Extended Hell will play with Subversive Rite, Thatcher, Miedo, and Material Support. Check below to see if they’re going to a European town near you and listen to their most recent release, the 3-song Tape Tour 2019.

Extended Hell European Kick Off Gig Poster

Extended Hell European Tour Dates:

  • 07/06 – London, UK
  • 08/06 – Bradford, UK
  • 09/06 – Brussels, BE
  • 11/06 – Stockholm, SE
  • 12/06 – Gothenburg, SE
  • 13/06 – Malmo, SE
  • 14/06-16/06 – K-Town Festival
  • 17/06 – Berlin, DE
  • 18/06 – Leipzig, DE
  • 19/06 – Wroclaw, PL
  • 20/06 – Vienna, AT
  • 21/06 – Zagreb, HR
  • 22/06 – Bologna, IT
  • 23/06 – Basel, CH
  • 24/06 – Barcelona, ES
  • 25/06 – Bilbao, Basque-Country
  • 26/06 – Bordeaux, FR
  • 27/06 – Paris, FR
  • 29/06 – Dublin, IR

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