BB Eye, M.A.Z.E. Tour

You all know BB Eye by now – Lumpy Records weirdo-darlings with a penchant for the xylophone. Who you might not know is their next tour partners because come late April, early June BB Eye will be touring with no wave band, M.A.Z.E, from Japan. The pair will be taking a midwest/south route, beginning in Saint Louis, looping down towards Birmingham, and back up to through the Midwest. I had never heard of the Asian outfit before the BB Eye babies posted to their respective Instagrams that they were heading back out on the road with group; I had to know more and decided to dive head-first into their music.

Let’s just start with, if you don’t like having fun don’t bother reading. This is about as cute and fun as I can get. Which, testing that limit, is pretty far. When my life is turned into a Nouvelle Vague film contact MAZE to compose the score, please. Or at least require MAZE to be on every Manic Pixie Dream Girl’s mix tapes to her on-screen crushee. It’s that kind of band.

There’s an airy, lightness to their music, erring more towards The World than The Wad on the new wave spectrum. When it’s not feeling fun, though, there is that erratic nature you’d find more on a Janitor Scum record, such as with a song from their upcoming Tour Tape called “I Just Pay Taxes”. When new wave isn’t fun it feels like you’re listening to the sounds of Alice fall down the rabbit hole. But once the rabbit hole dumps you out, you find yourself back in the land of the nonsensical. The tape does exactly this by having the Mad Hatter march-of-a-song called “Pain in the Gums” follow closely behind; the kind of song that could be used as an intro to a three-ring circus.

If you’re looking to see the big top performance for yourself, be sure to check them out on their tour with BB Eye. Check below to see when they’re coming to a town near you and listen to Tour Tape to prepare yourself.

Tour Dates:

4/27Saint LouisEl Lenador w/ Science Man, Trauma Harness, Shux, GNAT
4/28New OrleansCircle Bar w/ Giorgio Murderer, Tuffy
5/1AthensGo Bar w/ Nag, Blue Bodies
5/3BloomingtonThe Blockhouse w/ Laffing Gas, Big Hog
5/4ChicagoArcher Ballroom w/ CB Radio Gorgeous, Twisted Flower, Cell

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