6 releases, 5 years, and 2 relocations to New York can’t stop Iron Cages. While the DC hardcore crew can boast members of Firewalker, Schematic, Church Clothes, CDR, and more, they still manage to tour and release new music while feeling a stronger connection than ever before. I recently got a chance to talk with Sasha Stroud, Iron Cages’ drummer, and when questioned on the topic, she replied, “I feel like things are clicking musically these days, and we’re making the frantic-but-locked-in hardcore punk rock we’ve always wanted to!”

And it shows. Their January 2020 Tour Promo – a 3-song release – is just a few seconds shy of being an even 6 minutes of pure energy. It’s a no-holds-barred thriller that gets straight to the point while letting everything out. If that’s not reason enough to go see them at a venue near you, I don’t know what would be.

Iron Cages is going on tour this January 16-22 with Jackson, FL’s Plasma. Check below to hear Iron Cages latest release, see live footage of the band, and figure out which tour date is nearest to you.

1/16 Charlotte, NC
1/17 Jacksonville, FL
1/18 Tampa, FL
1/19 Miami, FL
1/20 Orlando, FL
1/21 Athens, GA
1/22 Richmond, VA

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