My foot is still purple from kicking it through a chair two weekends ago. The show was worth it, but my ruined clothes and scraped knees disagree. While tonight is the official release of Sniper Culture’s Combat Rock, I’m happy to be far from the gig. If it were otherwise, this body that I abuse would never recover.

Believe me, though, I wish I could be there. Combat Rock has been on constant play since its release late last November; in the car, at home, while pumping iron at the local YMCA. It’s everywhere.

Sniper Culture punched into my life with just four wet thud-beats and a creatine dream. Their primal hardcore sound releases the inner ‘Brad’ within us all. It’s ape-ish and angsty delivery brings out the brute that we all wish we could be in our everyday lives. It leaves no one standing still, riling one up from the inside in a frantic mess. The 5-song EP (that includes a bonus cover of Agent Orange’s Bloodstains) is the sonic equivalent of walking into the mall military recruitment office while peaking on acid.

In this world it’s kill or be killed; every punk for themself.

Combat Rock is now available through 11 PM Records. If you’re in the Chicagoland area, drop your barbell and head to Bricktown tonight.

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