New month, new year, new decade. As 2019 closed, I found myself wondering what kind of bullshit punk can step into in 2020. And, wow, what a month it we had to start it off. Q and Glue played a show together in NYC, Manic Relapse announced some major 2020 lineup names, Sniper Culture had their record release show in CHI, and Bib announced NYC and CHI record release shows in February. January really set the tone right for this year.

In the mean time, though, plenty of great tunes dropped this month. Multiple splits, demos, and even a “greatest hits” hit the January digital space, each as exciting as the next. Check below for the top releases to come out in 2020 so far.

P.R.N.D.L. – Greatest Hits!

From the weirdo OC label, White Glove Records, comes the eerie and mechanical music of P.R.N.D.L. Greatest Hits! is a solid tape from a solid state band that’s theme is mans love for all things machine. The cassette includes a theme song and other titles include “Reverse,” “Neutral,” and “Low.” With a sample that sells you on the luxury of the compact car, this band will rev you up and make you feel like you’ve been sent down Main Street in the best car daddy’s money can buy.

The Resource Network + Big Hog – Goodbye Boozy Split

If you haven’t checked it out, the blog had a guest reviewer for this split. What more can really be said? NWI stalwarts remind the scene who’s the big hog in town with this Goodbye Boozy split on real live vinyl. It’s a sure upgrade from tape worth the wax. Resource Network and Big Hog are two heads of an midwest punk Cerberus, each bringing to the table something unique and fierce in frantric energy. Music to practice pro-wrestling moves in your living room while fighting with your roommate about their shitty choice in H & M clothes.

The Annihilated – Demo

The Annihilated were on Static Show Weekend last year, without a trace of digital data. Now, one year later, they’re again on the 2020 lineup with a demo to back them up. It’s the hardnose punk you should expect from a London band; like a gang of tough Bostonian leathers with English accents. The demo brings that bullyboy energy you’d want from a group of dudes called The Annihilated.

Big Hits – Big Hits

This is one name that really asks a lot of the people performing under it. With a name like Big Hits, and coming from a place that often could back that up, Hattiesburg homies bring the beat with a this demo. It brings you up with a anthemic song like “i like to party” and crashes you down by following it “downtown,” a song that asks for the simpler things in life, while ragging on the loathesomes inner city edges. It’s not going to get you to slam-dance, but it will get you moving.

Android – CHAPTER 001

The cyber age is hre. As we’ve edged towards the rising techno apocalypse, there’s been a rise of punk that addresses the evolution of automation: L.O.T.I.O.N. Multinational Corporation, P.R.O.G.R.A.M., and now there’s Android. This Florida band takes the DEVOlution to a sonic height more akin to Warthog and Bib. Get in line for the revolution, it’s time to upgrade your hard drive and fight. All hail Android.

AOL – Gold Plus

While Android is preparing for the revolution, their Florida scene brethren, AOL, are the techie backup support that reluctantly fill the coffee cups of the overloads. Dropping the hardcore for the hard new wave, this CD-ROM Gold Plus demo is filled the jarring and edgy punk soundtrack to hack a corporate computer to. AOL takes on the world of interning, memes, cultural icons, and so much more sci-fi problems for a first-world technocratic punk doomer.

Plastics – Nerve Pusher

What a way to start the fucking year. Plastics’ Plastic World fell into my lap early this month with it’s groovy hardcore. This London band has the classic hardcore edge, but that doesn’t keep me from listening to it nonstop. The riffs are trancelike and easy to get lost in and the drum beats are hynoptic and danceable throughout. It feels so big, so angry. The entire demo gives me that anxious feeling of being angry without an outlet. Just let me punch a wall, or something.

Perro De Prenda – Vol. 2

Sound Grotesca puts out great music. It shouldn’t be a surprise, since Nosferatu’s singer, Albert Limones, is the brains behind the it. This Austin, TX band has that raw feel that isn’t disimilar to the Limones’ own band. The drums dictate it all while the guitar feeds that raw and tinny 80s action movie vibe. It bites.

Freon – Spun and Done

You already know how I feel about this bad dad. Read it here if you missed my thoughts about this 11PM Records release.

Dadar – To Take Out or Eat In

I know this is a punk blog and that we live in the age of egg vs. chain. Everyone wants to be tough. Everyone wants to ‘out’ hardcore each other, rip their shirts off and punk flex. I love listening to all of you get angry and stomp around, plenty; I really do. But sometimes you just need a pallette cleanser, you know?

This month, Dadar was that. With jangly guitars and power pop twang, To Take Out or Eat In, was a breathe of fresh air amongst all the heavy hitters this month. And I’m a sucker for synths, anyways.

Decimal – I’ve Heard of Egg Punk But This is Ridiculous!

Who gave these guys the right to break the punk 4th wall? And who allowed them to be so good at it? Decimal is a very tight group of dudes that know what’s going on and knows just how to croon off-key but on the mark. Each instrument is their own flavor of weird, giving space and taking room. Demical jumps from frantic and fast to lilting rock ballad without missing an egg punk beat. Mark Winter and Mat Williams deserve writing credit on this demo.

R.M.F.C. + Set-Top Box Split

So many splits this month! This one’s from Australia with two real heavy hitters pairing up to bring us the driving garage punk that only Aussies do right. RMFC and Set-Top Box each do two singles and a cover of the split-mates. Fuzzed out to perfection and righteous.

Tierra Hospitalaria – Destruxion America​/​Perro De Prenda Split

Sound Grotesca and Perro De Prenda were busy this month. First, they collaboratively release Vol. and with under 30 days this split with Destruxion America creates a one-two punch for the new decade. Destruxion America rips into the start as an middy 80s hardcore band. It’s heavy, with a hard snarl. They perfectly compliment the Perro De Prenda fast, treble-y tone on the other side. With everythings coming out of Austin this month, I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year will become for that Southern tip of the country.

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