In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, tours and gigs are cancelling to ensure the safety of the punk and hardcore community. As of this writing, the Bib + Acrylics tour has been cancelled.

Bib has been making quick moves in the first two months of the new decade. If the midwest outfit wasn’t already blowing up the last quarter of the previous decade, they sure are making waves this year. They dropped their new LP, Delux, today, which is currently available everywhere, and to celebrate the Omaha hardcore crew booked two release shows in Chicago and NYC.

And they just keep the hits coming.

Delux now streaming everywhere

Delux doesn’t stray out of line. The fresh LP is packed with the hard and sweet riffs, heavy breakdowns, and classic echo chamber vocals that has come to be known as ‘Bib’. Their sound has always eluded me; somehow sadly sorrowful yet calculatedly rageful. They drag the beat and scrape it along, moving from riff to riff without cause or forewarning. But Bib always pull off every trick up their sleeve with ease; their sound growing harder, yet softer, with each release they drop.

With Delux under their belt, a midwest and East Coast release show, what else could fans ask for?

Bib at Cobra Lounge in Chicago, IL
Shot by Hate5six

…a tour on the West Coast with hardcore cohorts, Acrylics, perhaps.

Wish come true. Check below for the full dates of the upcoming April tour and listen to Delux until your ears bleed.

Date City Venue
4/03 Oakland, CA Elbo Room Jack London
4/04 LA, CA Five Star
4/05 Phoenix, AZ Lunchbox
4/06 Albuquerque, NM Fly Honey Warehouse
4/07 Denver, CO Rhinoceropolis
4/08 SLC, UT Diabolical Records
4/09 Boise, ID Ramapong
4/10 Seattle, WA Substation
4/11 Portland, OR Black Water
4/12 Olympia, WA Le Voyeur
4/13 Eugene, OR Wandering Goat
4/14 Sacramento, CA Cafe Colonial
4/15 San Francisco, CA The Knockout