Everyone always says, “slam dance or die,” or “get to the gig.” But sometimes that’s not possible.

Sometimes you’ve got to work. Sometimes you’re on tour. Sometimes you’ve got no friends (ya dweeb). Sometimes you live in the middle of nowhere and bands never even fucking come around. What do you do instead?

Turn on The Tube.

Turn on the tube when you can’t get to the gig. If you’re ever sick, in the wrong part of the world, or just couldn’t get off the couch, Turn On The Tube has you covered for all the bands you wish you could see. This blog – as well as its partnered Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter accounts – will highlight the best of what’s going on in the world so you don’t have to discover for yourself. Take a couple extra minutes in the bathroom at work and scroll through the archives of what everyone is doing at night when you aren’t around. 

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