Damaged City’s Full Line Up

Jesus, I’ve been lazy about this and I’m sorry. I know they announced the full goddamn schedule a fucking week ago; I even mentioned it in Instagram posts. So, let me give you the full run-down and the schedule. I’ll … Continue reading Damaged City’s Full Line Up

Smarthearts Are “On The Line”

Look, I know this guy. The chill, laid back guy. The dude that bobs his head back and front, like Jeff Bridges does. He smokes his Marlboro reds. He’s a good guy. That’s what I like about Smarthearts. Using the term “honest,” is such an overrused thing. But Smarthearts feels honest. It’s true power pop, standing in a crowd of people who know that phrase just to use it too much. Times have brought a wave of people that suddenly appreciate the dead heroes that never quit made it on the shelf like their “punker” counterparts did. The ones that … Continue reading Smarthearts Are “On The Line”

Dark Thoughts, Smarthearts Tour

Philadelphia’s Dark Thoughts and Smarthearts are going on tour, starting today, to promote Smarthearts recent release, On The Line. These two power houses will be making their way up and down the East Coast, beginning tonight in Baltimore. Smarthearts is a power pop, rocknroll dynamic group that share members with Sheer Mag, The Guests, Devil Master, and Grave Turner. One The Line is their first LP release. Dark Thoughts, on the other hand, released At Work in 2018 and have continued to make waves. Check out the dates below to catch them on tour at a venue near you. Continue reading Dark Thoughts, Smarthearts Tour