Rubber Room – 2019 Demo

There’s something sininster in my ear. Somewhere deeper, a steady lo-fi thump accompanies it. A synth pulses underneath all that, like a sci-fi ship hum. The Patient jolts backwards and howls into the open air. As my screen flashes in pixelated prismic color and flight simulator grids, The Doc plays a frantic keyboard melody. The blurry images duplicate and loop endlessly into darkness.

This is the new side project, Rubber Room, of Gee Tee’s Kel Masonn. It’s a departure from the fun Caltex tunes about hanging out at your local gas-up joint; more akin and sinister to the psych ward ‘Hyde’ of a slacker’s ‘Jekyll’.

Upon closer inspection there’s more similarities than differences, though. If an exorcism had to have a jingle it’d go like this because being crazy has never sounded so radio ready. There’s still the fun and bouncy catchiness of Gee Tee hidden underneath the erratic nature of these synth punk tunes. It makes you wonder – like after reading the classic aforementioned novel – if the madness was always within, lurking and waiting.

Being a no-prospects-having, gas station hanger-on can be fun. Apparently going mad has its perks too; this latest addition to Masonn’s discography proves it. The dude has perfected how to make being an outlier of society catchy. Having a “Chemical Imbalance” and “Demonic Possession” to falling apart “Peace By Piece”, Rubber Room has laid out just how to go crazy and enjoy the ride from Caltex Gas to the loony bin.

Check the video for “Chemical Imbalance”, listen to the demo on YouTube and download it on Bandcamp below.

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